"Solace" Flower Remedy Dropper

Solace Flower Remedy

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While society doesn’t always recognize and honor grief and deep loss, we all move through these intense and challenging experiences. If we suppress or fear our feelings, they can manifest in other ways until released. This flower essence remedy supports us as we journey through heartache and grief, allowing us to feel and move through our emotions into true healing and the gifts awaiting us on the other side of sadness. This remedy acts energetically like a dear friend who allows us to BE exactly as we are, feel and express what we need to (for as long as we need to), and gives us the gentle support we need to make it through.

This blend contains the following flower essences:

Bleeding Heart: powerful heart cleanser and strengthener, especially when we must learn deeper lessons of love and freedom; releasing attachment to those who can no longer be with us

Borage: heart remedy; for processing and overcoming grief and heavy-heartedness from the loss of a loved one; strengthens us to face difficult circumstances; bolsters courage and optimism; uplifts and encourages

California Wild Rose – encourages and strengthens the heart during times of hardship; allows us to work through the painful aspects of life, moving toward transcendent love

Pink Yarrow: supports our intense feelings; helps us find containment and centering during times of crisis and emotional diffusion; supports compassionate presence.

Star of Bethlehem: to soothe shock and trauma resulting from news of a death or experiencing the death of someone close to you.

1/2 ounce bottle of flower essences preserved in spring water and brandy.

Take 4 drops orally 4 times a day or as needed.