Skin Salv-ation Tin
Skin Salv-ation Tin 2

Skin Salve-ation


Santosha Birth and Wellness’s Skin Salve-ation is an all-purpose, multi-tasking skin soother and healer. Perfect for rashes (including diaper rash), chapped, dry, or irritated skin, eczema, burns, poison ivy, and bites.


1-ounce Skin Salve-ation contains extra virgin olive oil infused with plantain leaf*, comfrey root*, calendula flower,* and chamomile flowers*; beeswax; coconut oil; vitamin E oil; tea tree oil*; and glycerin. Certified organic ingredient*


  • Plantain is referred to as “nature’s band aid” because it is excellent for healing wounds and drawing out toxins. 
  • Comfrey is nicknamed “knitbone,” since it quickly heals wounds and prevents scarring. 
  • Calendula is prized for its soothing, healing, and softening abilities. 
  • Chamomile also calms and soothes the skin. 
  • Vitamin E oil is exceptional for nourishing the skin. 
  • Tea Tree Oil is a great antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal.