"Revive" Flower Remedy Dropper

Revive Flower Remedy


Even the best of us have our days. Nothing is going right -- the baby won’t stop crying, the kids are running amok, we’ve run out of patience, and we just want to crawl into a ball, grab a strong drink, or pull out our hair (or all of the above!). Parenting, though incredibly rewarding, is a tough job. We could use all the support we can get. Reach for this remedy on those days when you feel burnt out, overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s like a margarita without the hangover.  It’s the recharge button for your parenting batteries.

Also great for nanny, grandparents, and other caretakers.

This blend includes the following flower essences:

  • Elm: alleviates feelings of fatigue, overwhelm and despondency in parenting and life responsibilities; softens perfectionist tendencies in parenting, balances our leadership capacities, helps foster confidence that we are up to the task of parenting
  • Centaury: for those who are depleted and devitalized, feeling that parenthood asks too much, offers strength to parents, helps balance out demands of role with meeting personal needs
  • Mimulus: fosters courage and confidence to face one’s life challenges; good for easing everyday overwhelm or fear; helps one develop strength and purpose
  • Red Chestnut: for anxiety and worry in caretakers for the wellbeing of others, for finding balance in personal life and role as parent; fosters calmness and unconditional love for self and children.
  • Asparagus: Exhaustion and burnout from pregnancy, parenting and multi-tasking; helps us through periods of being stuck and worn out; helps us focus after periods of being scattered; renews our energy
  • Tiger Lily: feeling hurried and rushed, restores energy from mothering (parenting) burnout; strengthens and revitalizes

1/2 ounce bottle of flower essences preserved in spring water and brandy (dose strength).  

Take 4 drops orally 4 times a day or more often as needed.