"Phoenix" Flower Remedy Dropper

Phoenix Flower Remedy


Ideal for those grieving hearts who have lost a child, either through miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, or infant death.  Supports one through deep grief, heartbreak, shock, and other accompanying emotions.

This blend contains the following flower essences:

  • Lily of the Valley: Deeply heart soothing after stillbirth, miscarriage or abortion.
  • Wild Pink Tulip: Helps us release emotional pain; eases our hearts and thoughts.
  • Star of Bethlehem: For shock and grief caused by loss.
  • Orange, White and Purple Crocus: To clear and heal the uterus after miscarriage or abortion.

1/2 ounce bottle of flower essences preserved in spring water and brandy.  

Take 4 drops orally 4 times a day or as needed during more intense times.