"Happy Baby" Flower Remedy Dropper

Happy Baby Flower Remedy

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This flower essence blend is safe, gentle and offers profound support to wee ones, freshly born until about preschool.  It helps babies adjust to life outside the womb, helps them bond with their parents and caretakers, soothes colic and emotional upset, and supports them through teething, weaning, becoming a big sibling, going into childcare, and more. 

This blend includes the following flower essences:

  • Orange, Purple and White Crocus: ideal for the infant and toddler stage of development; helps babies feel safe, loved, and protected; good for bonding; helps with transitions (such as into childcare or school), helps little ones adjust to big siblinghood, soothes the weaning transition, good for children with birth trauma, good for adopted children.
  • Chamomile: good for calming emotional tension; helps with fussiness, great for colicky or uncomfortable babies, helps with sleep
  • Pink Yarrow:  offers energetic protection and safety, provides a buffer between child and outside energy that may be overwhelming or overstimulating.

1/2 ounce bottle of flower essences preserved in spring water and brandy (dose strength).  ***Can be preserved with glycerine or water, upon request.  

Give four drops orally four times a day. You may also rub drops directly on the belly or gums, add to a lotion or oil for massage, put into a mister and mist baby, or add to a bath.