"FertiLily" Flower Remedy Dropper

FertiLily Flower Remedy


Fertility challenges can present a couple with great stresses on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. This blend is ideal for both men and women who are experiencing fertility challenges related to physical or emotional issues, such as exhaustion, stress, past abuse, and fears. Also supports women through in-vitro fertilization.

This blend includes the following flower essences:

  • Asparagus: Addresses female and male impotence, infertility related to chronic exhaustion or feeling overwhelmed, overcoming sexual abuse; aligns the pelvis, renews strength and emotional energy.
  • Madonna Lily: Targets infertility due to lack of fluids, being sexually closed down; connects us to our femininity; for trouble conceiving due to being energetically cut off from the waistline down.
  • Orange Crocus: Good for in-vitro fertilization; helps a woman feel “held together” and establish energetic boundaries throughout the in-vitro fertilization process.
  • White Trillium: Encourages conscious conception; eases fear of pregnancy or motherhood and feeling as if motherhood is too difficult; for emotional tension held in the pelvic area; restores harmony in relationships; connects heart to womb energetically.

1/2 ounce bottle of flower essences preserved in spring water and brandy.  

Take 4 drops orally 4 times a day.