"BIRTHday" Flower Remedy Mister
"BIRTHday" Flower Remedy Dropper

BIRTHday Flower Remedy


Ideal for conscious and harmonious labor and birth. Prepares mama and baby for birth, helps mama advocate for herself during labor, and coordinates positive communication between all involved in the birth. Can be used in the last month of pregnancy to prepare for birth and throughout labor as needed.  

Available as an oral remedy and as a mister with added organic lavender essential oil.  

This blend contains the following flower essences:

  • Orange Crocus: Helps mother release baby at the time of birth; helps baby prepare to leave the womb.
  • White Trillium: Prepares and helps release the baby at birth; brings awareness to the pelvic area, which helps foster conscious birth.
  • Solomon’s Seal: Helps one feel protected, grounded, and nurtured; coordinates mom and baby during labor; helps baby move into the right position; relaxes the muscles and loosens symphysis at birth; fosters smooth transitions and a sense of connectedness in labor and birth; energetically aligns us to our center and allows us to respond to whatever unfolds; coordinates, and facilitates cooperation among, the birth team; fosters transformation
  • Helebore: Calms fear; cultivates courage; helps mother to advocate for herself and ensure her voice is heard and her wishes are met throughout the birth process; fortifies one’s energy in the midst of outside forces.
  • Madonna Lily: prepares mother and child for birth; helps bestow a sacred dimension to the birth process.

Dropper: 1/2 ounce bottle of flower essences preserved in spring water and brandy (dose strength).  

Take 4 drops orally 4 times a day or as needed through labor (as often as every 10 minutes)

Mister: 1 ounce bottle of flower essences preserved in spring water and brandy, organic lavender essential oil.

Mist over body four times a day or as often as needed.