Wholesale Terms and Conditions


Minimum Orders

OPENING (first orders) must reach a minimum of $250 in product sales
• • •
REPEAT orders must reach a minimum of $100

Volume Discounts & Frequent Buyers


Partnership Benefits

Purchases of over $400

FREE Shipping

Purchases of over $600

Additional 10% off Wholesale Price

Purchase of over $800

Additional 20% off Wholesale Price

3+ Purchases
within a 6 month period

10% off next order


  • All first orders must be paid in full by major credit card or business check (cash is an in-person payment option) upon shipment or delivery of order.
  • For all subsequent orders, we request that payment be made within 10 business days from the date the order invoice is sent.  Additional orders will not be processed until receipt and clearance of payment for all previous orders.   


  • Wholesale orders totaling over $100 with a delivery address within 15 miles of Asheville, NC (28804) will be delivered in person free of charge.  All orders placed outside this area will be shipped to the retailer via USPS with insurance and delivery confirmation at the buyer’s expense.  All orders over $400 qualify for free shipping.  


  • Once delivered, all wholesale orders are considered final.  If items are damaged during shipping, they will be replaced at no cost to the buyer.  Buyer must notify seller of this issue within 3 days of receiving order and include accompanying pictures of damaged items.  Returns/refunds due to damage, theft, or other loss after delivery are not available.   
  • Orders that are cancelled prior to delivery are subject to a 10% restocking fee.  
  • If there is a concern over quality or representation of the items purchased, we will work with our wholesale partners to find a mutually satisfying resolution.  

Customer Service/Marketing

  • Santosha’s goal is to have its wholesale partners maintain a working knowledge of Santosha products to provide in-depth customer service to consumers.
  • Santosha offers educational materials free of charge with wholesale orders (our website is also an excellent resource).
  • With Asheville orders, Santosha may be available for in-person staff education events. 

If at any time you receive a question about Santosha’s products or services that you feel you cannot answer, please contact or ask the inquiring customer to contact us by email at jaime@santoshamama.com

Wholesale Alternatives
Product Sampling and Consignment Options

For prospective buyers, we offer two alternatives to wholesale.

• Product Sampling •

A prospective wholesaler may order samples of each of our items to review products with the intent of determining a good match between our products and your retail environment.  This sample pack (containing one of each of our 9 flower essence blends, one jar of “Mama Mend: Postpartum Healing Herbs”, and one bag of “Tea for Two: Mama Brew”) is available at 20% off the recommended retail price (RRP).

• Short-Term Consignment •
[Available to first-time buyers only]

Under this agreement, the prospective buyer will agree to house and make reasonable efforts to promote and sell a “consignment package,” the contents of which will be agreed upon by Santosha and the buyer.  The prospective buyer will have a 90-day consignment period during which to learn what products and at what volume they wish to purchase at wholesale.  All sales of Santosha products from the consignment package will be assessed a 35% fee from the consignee (the prospective buyer).  In other words, the seller (Santosha) will collect 65% of the RRP for each product sold during the consignment period and the prospective buyer will retain their 35% fee

Any profits from the sale of Santosha products during this period will be due to Santosha within 10 business days of sale.  During the consignment period, all products remain the property of Santosha, however the prospective buyer is responsible for safe housing of all such goods and will be responsible for the full RRP for any damaged, lost, or stolen items.  At the end of the consignment period, Santosha and the prospective buyer and reevaluate the arrangement and proceed with a wholesale contract, a subsequent consignment period, or neither.

We want to work with each of our retail partners to ensure that you feel great about carrying and promoting our products.
Please let us know what we can do to achieve this!  

Contact Jaime to learn more.