Personal Wellness Sessions

In our private wellness sessions, we offer the best of our wisdom and training in a focused, personalized wellness consultation tailored to your intentions and desires.  We draw from a number of wellness tools to create an individual wellness plan that feels empowering, accessible, and truly supportive.  During our time together, you will feel deeply heard and seen, and offered a unique combination of support to help you honor where you are and consciously move forward as you desire.

We can help women through major transitions, illness, losses, stressors, and stuck-ness.  We also help women move toward a lifestyle that feels satisfying and sustainable, including nourishing rhythms and rituals that honor the body, mind, and soul.   


The healing modalities offered in these personal wellness sessions include:

    • Qoya and Yoga: we can develop a 10-15 minute personalized movement ritual to help you bring more attention to what you truly want in your life, expanding both your gratitude for what already is and your ability to receive your desires.  Our minds can only take us so far on our healing journey, but when we partner with the body and begin to move in ways that help us process, heal, and restore, we may notice a significant improvement in our wellbeing.  
    • Ritual: together we can explore what rituals may best serve you at this time.  These may be one-time events or something you do on an ongoing basis for a period of time.  We may choose to do these rituals together or you may do them alone or with support.  Examples of rituals include (but are not limited to): a gratitude ceremony, fire ceremony, womb healing ritual, and labyrinth.  We can also work together to develop daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annual rhythms and rituals that feel nourishing, grounding, and empowering.  
    • Flower Essences and Herbs: we can work to create a tailored flower essence remedy for you and explore herbal remedies that can support you on your path of wellness.  
    • Writing: we can work together to discover how writing can assist you at this present time.  Writing prompts and support may be offered once or on an ongoing basis. 
    • Lending Library: as a full fledged book worm, I have a library full of amazing books that serve as great companions on the healing path.  Lending Library rights are offered to all private clients complimentary.  


(75-90 min. sessions)

$275/Three Month Package
This program includes 3 ongoing, in-person, sessions, as well as email and phone support throughout our journey together.  

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