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Becoming a new mom is one of the most amazing experiences of our lives, but it is also a profound adjustment.  We adapt to around-the-clock newborn needs; we learn to breastfeed; we recover from childbirth, endure a sea-change in our physical bodies, and experience unparalleled fatigue; we adjust to major relationship changes; and we establish a new identity…all on the heels of pregnancy and birth.  It’s incredible that each of us finds our way through this beautiful and demanding time.  And we each deserve the help and support available. 

What if there was an all-natural remedy that could:

Offer sustained natural energy, augment your milk supply, stave off postpartum depression and baby blues,
help you heal faster from birth, boost your iron and help you sleep better?

What if this remedy was made perfectly and especially for your body and your body alone?

The placenta offers these amazing benefits to new mamas.  The placenta is a gift your body makes to nourish your baby in utero and to replenish you after the hard work of birthing your babe.  Let your body give back to you. You deserve a smooth and joyful transition into motherhood, and your placenta can help!

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I will start by saying encapsulating my placenta was unknowingly the best decision that I could have made for my postpartum journey.  My son was admitted to the hospital with meningitis on the 5th day of his life, thus embarking us on a month long hospital stay.  While this was the hardest thing that I have ever gone through I am convinced that placenta encapsulation helped keep my hormones stable during an otherwise, very trying, exhausting and extremely stressful time.  I strongly feel like I was able to keep a level head and maintain energy while standing witness to my brand new baby experiencing minor surgeries, catheters, spinal taps, etc.  Another thing that really took me by surprise was the increase in my milk supply.  I was shocked at how much I have been able to produce this time around.  Nutritionally, I know I wasn’t consuming enough throughout the day while in the hospital, but my milk supply has been amazing and abundant.  I am so so very grateful to Jaime for her service and all that encapsulating has done for me.  If you are considering encapsulating, I can say, without hesitation, it will benefit you greatly in your postpartum recovery! – Annie

Jaime was so amazing! She was getting a major surgery done during the time I was due with my baby. She went out of her way to make sure everything was in order in case she physically would not be able to do the encapsulation. She made sure I was comfortable with the process and the communication was always easy. I appreciated so much having the pills delivered to my front door less than 48 hours after I gave birth. I was nervous to see what they would look like but they resembled any other vitamin I have had. I recommend getting the umbilical cord preserved. It is such a precious keep sake, the cord that grew my babies and gave them life inside my womb. Thank you Jaime for giving the best postpartum experience possible! — Alissa

Working with Jaime is a delight! She genuinely cares about you as a mama. I found it comforting that she would check in on me as I went days overdue and wished me peace and joy throughout the process. She was prompt in picking up and processing my placenta and worked with my provider to coordinate delivery of my capsules by day three postpartum. — Lauren

This was my second birth. My first birth I experienced postpartum blues, my healing time was at least 2 weeks before I left the house and I felt like everything took longer to get back to normal. This time around I did the placenta encapsulation for the first time and I was a little nervous but SO glad I did it. I even had a longer labor this time (30 hours vs 5 hours) and my tearing was worse BUT I experienced no blues at all, I had JOY immediately and it never left because I was getting such a great nights rest. My mood was stabilized, I stopped bleeding two weeks earlier this time, I left the house at 5 days postpartum and my milk supply was always high. I felt completely healed by 1.5 weeks. I recommend this process to everyone that is having a baby because there was such a dramatic difference between my two postpartum birth experiences. — Alissa

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