Mama Mend Herbal Bath Benefits

What's Unique About Mama Mend?The herbs in Mama Mend are great for healing tears and episiotomies and can shrink hemorrhoids after vaginal birth.  They also can help reduce swelling, bruising, tenderness, and discomfort. (Full immersion into an herbal bath may not be appropriate after a cesarean, so please speak with your care provider.  Foot soaks can be beneficial if a full soak is not advised.) Mamas can enjoy an herbal bath as soon as one hour after birth, so long as mom is healthy and there are no signs of infection.  Baby can join mama in the bath, which will promote umbilical cord healing.

This is a fabulous product for postpartum bathing. The healing, soothing, pain relief, and more properties of these herbs are amazing. I received this product a few days before my daughter-in-law had her 4th baby girl. Mom had complications and was very sore after the baby was born. I had made the “tea” product according to directions on the jar (very easy) and I soaked slim maxi pads, left them lying flat, wrapped in foil individually, and put in freeze zip lock bags. Then I froze them. My daughter-in-law unwrapped them and put a fresh one on her maxi peri pad every time she changed the pad or had perineal pain. She was amazed and thrilled at how fast she got relief and was totally healed with no discomfort after 1 week. She was so grateful and I was so happy I could help. I would give it 10 stars if I could!– Susan

Mama Mend Benefits

What’s unique about Mama Mend is how it’s prepared. Some postpartum herb products are tiny teabags tossed in the bath as the water runs, which yields a weak brew. Others require running bath water through a big reusable sack of herbs as the bath fills, which offers a weaker and weaker brew each time (consider how many times you reuse a tea bag). While these products offer benefits greater than water alone, they may not be potent enough for optimal healing.

Mama Mend offers a therapeutic dose of herbal healing while keeping preparation easy and simple. (New mamas deserve simplicity!) Leading herbal experts recommend that bath herbs steep for up to eight hours to offer medicinal benefits. They also recommend using at least a ½ ounce of herbs per quart of water (depending on herb weight).  Each Mama Mend serving contains a full ½ ounce of herbs and our preparation method is both simple and effective.  And we make preparation easy by supplying the (one quart) jar in which to steep your herbs–no hunting for the right sized jar or having to measure your water.  Simplicity rules!

Following my birth, I wanted something to help my bottom heal and I knew I could trust Santosha’s Mama Mend. The beautiful jar makes the instructions simple, which is very important and different from other postpartum herb baths. My bottom felt better after each bath. This would be a great practical gift for all new moms! — Greta

Mama Mend is a conscientiously crafted: our herbs come from earth-, animal- and human-friendly sources and are Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO, Social and Fair Trade Certified, and EarthKosher Certified). The herbs in this blend have been carefully selected for their tremendous healing benefits and have been recommended by the leading contemporary herbalists.

How To Prepare Mama Mend

Brewing Mama Mend is easy! All you need is hot water, Mama Mend tea bag(s) and jar
Place one bag in the jar, fill it with boiling water, cover and steep.

A longer steeping time of 3 to 8 hours (or overnight) will create a potent brew that will offer optimal healing benefits as you soak in your much-needed bath. If you are short on time, steep at least 30 minutes.

How to Use Mama Mend


Pour Mama Mend brew into the bath and enjoy a 10 to 20 minute soak (or longer!). You may wish to add a cup or two of Epsom or Sea salt to the bath to aid further in healing. If you tore during the birthing process, limit baths to one per day (you may take additional baths with regular water). Learn more about how to boost your bath here.

Sitz Bath

If you don’t wish to take a full bathtub type bath, you may also wish to try a sitz bath.  A sitz bath involves soaking only your bottom in the herbal preparation.  You can use any bin in which you can immerse your bottom or purchase a sitz bath basin that fits on a toilet.

Peri-bottle Spray

Add the powerful brew at full strength to a peri-bottle and spray directly on your tender places. If you prepared the brew using the quick, 30-minute brew method, test the temperature on your wrist prior to use.


Soak pads or washcloth in Mama Mend and place inside underwear for direct healing goodness (you can freeze the pads for cooling relief or warm the brew before soaking if you need nurturing warmth).  It is also really beneficial to take the muslin bag in which the herbs were steeped and apply this directly to your bottom (with the herbs still in the bag).

A combination of these approaches is recommended, but keep it simple! And let someone else love you by preparing your herbs for you whenever possible.

This is my second purchase of the Mama Mend herbs and I love them. I just had my first child and tore pretty bad. These herbs have helped me so much. I plan on purchasing again…–Suzanne

Mama Mend Ingredients & Benefits

 Organic Yarrow flower (Achillea millefolium) Legend has it that Achilles used yarrow during the Trojan War in Ancient Greece to stop his soldiers’ bleeding. Yarrow is an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving herb. It is particularly good for relieving inflammation in the female reproductive system. The sterols and triterpenes in yarrow stop inflammation, restore circulation, and accelerate healing. They also stop an enzymatic process that causes inflammation and pain. Yarrow’s compounds block the hormones that provoke pain. Furthermore, yarrow can kill many kinds of bacteria found on human skin.
Organic Witch Hazel leaf (Hammamelis virginiana)

This herb, as a cooling topical astringent, is excellent for addressing hemorrhoids and varicosities, bruising, and skin irritations. It can also soothe discomfort caused by stitches.

Organic St John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum)

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and pain relieving, this herb is excellent for healing nerve rich areas and nerve injuries, as well as accelerating skin healing, preventing wound infection and treating hemorrhoids.

Organic Calendula Flowers (Calendula officinalis)

Calendula is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pain relieving properties. It is great for hemorrhoids, reducing swelling, washing wounds, stopping bleeding, relieving muscle cramps, and healing many types of skin ailments, such as cuts, tears and rashes.

Organic Plantain leaf (Plantago major)

Called “nature’s band-aid,” plantain acts as a powerful wound healer. It also can draw out toxins, soothe mucous membranes, and help heal hemorrhoids. Plantain leaf is antibacterial, antimicrobial, antitoxic and anti-inflammatory.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Lavender is an antiseptic often used to stave off infection. It is also an exceptional pain reliever that effectively decreases aches and pains. Lavender is deeply calming and relaxing to the body, mind, and spirit.


Caution: Mama Mend is intended for external use only. It is not for internal consumption by pregnant and nursing mamas.

Thank your body for its tremendous achievement in birthing your baby(ies) by treating your body with the utmost care in the postpartum. Allow Santosha Birth & Wellness’s Mama Mend to nourish and restore your amazing body back to health.

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