Kickstarter Press Release

First of its Kind: Birth Your Story Book Launches on Kickstarter

Asheville, North Carolina

July 11, 2017

For Immediate Release

Jaime Fleres, MA, professor, writing coach, and entrepreneur, is launching a Kickstarter to support the publication of her book: Birth Your Story: Why Writing About Your Birth Matters. The first of its kind, this book offers a guide for parents into the how and why of birth story writing, drawing on the fields of expressive and persuasive writing, Compassionate Communication, yoga, movement, meditation, and the doula profession.

The Book

Part one of Birth Your Story explores why writing is one of the most powerful ways to remember, process, claim, heal and honor our birth experiences.

Part two dissects the anatomy of a birth story, including how we are influenced by our cultural “master narrative” of birth, the five parts of a birth story narrative, the three layers of a birth story, and how our tales change through time. 

Part three offers a comprehensive guide to writing one’s birth story—including intention setting and overcoming writing blocks, how to get started, tips for writing, numerous writing prompts and exercises, and suggestions for what to do when your story is complete.

Fifteen men and women from around the US have contributed their diverse birth stories to the book as examples and models of the genre. The most diverse birth story collection published to date, the book includes stories of teen fatherhood; same sex surrogacy; birth loss; home, birth center and hospital birth; emergency cesarean birth; premature birth; adoption; and more.  Some of the contributors are professional writers, most are not; some are new parents, others wrote their stories over two decades after birth. All were moved by the power of writing. 

“My hope in publishing this book is to support, encourage and inspire parents to write their birth stories as a tool for self-inquiry, healing, awareness, and to honor of one of the most powerful experiences of their lives,” says Fleres. “The book’s philosophy is that all births matter and all birth stories are worth telling, regardless of when or how you birthed and whether or not you are a writer.”

The Kickstarter Launch

The Kickstarter to support Birth Your Story’s publication launches Tuesday July 11, 2017 and will run until August 8, 2017. Fleres is seeking to raise $11,111 (eleven being a lucky family number) to cover a portion of the costs for final editing, book design and production, marketing and Kickstarter fees and reward fulfillment. Rewards for supporting the project range from the e-book and signed copies of the book, to private coaching with Fleres and a 3-day writing retreat. Exclusive Kickstarter rewards will also be offered weekly. Pending a successful campaign, Fleres plans to officially publish the book in September. 



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