How to Take a Flower Essence Remedy

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How to Take a Flower Essence Remedy: Oral Use
• Oral Use •

The most common way to use a flower essence blend is dropping 4 drops directly into the mouth 4 times a day for adults. Children may do well on 4 drops 1 to 2 times per day. Shaking or gently tapping the bottle before use is thought to potenize the remedy.

How to Take a Flower Essence Remedy: Glass of Water
• Adding to a Glass of Water •

You may add several drops to a water bottle, cover and sip throughout the day. This is an easy way to remember your drops.

How to Take a Flower Essence Remedy: Spray Mister
• Spray or Mister

If you prefer, you may add your flower essence to a mister bottle and spray yourself or your environment four times a day or as needed.

How to Take a Flower Essence Remedy: Bath
• Bath •

You may add an entire bottle or several dropperfuls of your essence into a bath and soak. This can produce a profound transformation! 

How to Take a Flower Essence Remedy: Rub on Gums
• Rub on Gums •

You can apply drops to the gums (great for babies especially) or one’s skin at 4 drops 4 times a day. You can also mix drops into a cream or oil. For topical use, certain remedies are best suited to particular areas of the body. For example, Relief Remedy is great on wrist pulse points. Grief remedies, over the heart. For a topical application suggestion, please contact us.

The effectiveness of flower essences is not increased by increasing the dose, it is made effective by frequent and consistent use.

Use Frequency for Acute Care

You may use a remedy more frequently during more intense times in which your issue is manifesting. Some examples: if you are taking a remedy for loss and are having an especially hard afternoon; you are in labor and a remedy is helping you to move through a strong emotion or intense phase of birth; you are in an emergency situation or under a lot of situational stress, and the remedy is helping you move through that. Take up to once every 10 minutes.

How Long to Use a Remedy

The most common time span for using a remedy is roughly one month, though many people often see a first shift within the first 3 to 5 days and another noticeable shift at two weeks. Some people feel better instantly.

After this time, it is a good idea to ask your practitioner to reevaluate you to see if you should repeat the same formula or re-formulate it based on the changes that you’ve experienced.

Enhancing the Effects

While the remedies will work as they are, you can amplify their effects (and/or heighten your awareness of their effects) by:

  • setting an intention/stating an affirmation just before you take a remedy and having a moment of stillness after you take it to witness the effects and/or offer gratitude;
  • keeping a journal of your experiences and dreams while on a remedy;
  • making your preferred kind of art (painting, drawing, writing, etc) throughout the time you use the essence and noticing the changes as you work with a remedy.

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