Birth Kit Product Details

Birth Kit

Orange Crocus
Stock Strength | ¼ ounce

How to use: apply topically to the belly during birth. Can also be added to birth tub, baby’s bath or used directly on the body of mom and baby postpartum.

Benefits: helps calm + soothe baby and uterus, especially during stressful, challenging or difficult labor; excellent applied to belly after cesarean section to clear energetic void in uterus + restore integrity to reproductive system; use on mom + baby after birth in immediate postpartum to facilitate bonding + help each feel supported, held, and safe.

Asian Lily
Stock Strength | ¼ ounce

How to use: apply topically to low back in birth; to head and/or sacrum after birth trauma

Benefits: clears blocks to labor progression, may alleviate low back pain/back labor; helps one process fear + surrender to birth; to stay grounded + embodied during labor + birth while opening up to birth’s transformative nature; clears blocks in the root chakra, unblocks the SI joint and sacrum; energizes body; also recommended in cases of birth trauma where one experiences mood symptoms.

Relief Remedy
Dose Strength Blend | ½ ounce dropper

    Relief Remedy Flower Essence

    flower essence blend is similar to Rescue Remedy; excellent when used  labor + birth for soothing stress, fatigue, shock, + pain.

    How to Use: use orally 4 drops as needed (can be as often as 10 minutes in birth); use topically on the wrist pulse points, add 1-2 dropperfuls to birth tub. Can be used on mom, partner, birth team, and baby.


    • Red Onion: bestows sense of connectedness, belonging + safety; helps us during + after intense experiences; helps body relax, repairs energy system after trauma; dispels toxic energy
    • Star of Bethlehem: soothing, calming, relaxing; helps us stay embodied despite intense physical/emotional/energetic experiences (including shock); helps us stay present in the moment
    • Hellebore: supports self advocacy; helps us gather + feel our positive power + inner strength; lifts fear; cleanses + dispels negative emotions; releases tension; purifying + balancing
    • Impatiens: balances + soothes intense irritability, impulsivity, or hastiness; helps us to “breathe with” and accept time, rather than fight against it; allows us surrender to timing + unfolding of birth process
    • Wild Pink Tulip: protects + soothes heart, the place where we process all of our emotions + experiences; helps us release negative thoughts, bestows feelings of calming + spaciousness; accepting + releasing pain; feeling nurtured.
    • Cherry Plum: for states of extreme tension, characterized by fear of losing control + struggle to maintain control, which produce profound stress in the body/mind/spirit; brings inner peace + stillness, eases tension

    Birthday Blend Mister
    Dose Strength Blend | 1 ounce mister with lavender scent

    BIRTHday Blend Mister

    How to Use:
    Mist around room + on mom during labor + birth to help mom + baby throughout birth process, and coordinate the energy of their support team


    • Lavender essential oil: among safest and most widely used oils; antifungal + antibacterial, relieves pain, balances the emotions, both relaxes and stimulates; calms the nerves, “lifts the mood,” + soothes anxiety. Long used in birthing rooms, lavender calms entire birth team, lowers tension + blood pressure, and facilitates labor’s energy flow.
    • Crocus flower essence: helps mother release baby at time of birth, helps baby prepare to leave womb 
    • White Trillium flower essence: prepares + helps release the baby at birth; brings awareness to the pelvic area, which helps foster conscious birth 
    • Solomon’s Seal flower essence: protecting, grounding, + nurturing; coordinates mom + baby during labor; helps baby move into right position; relaxes muscles + loosens symphysis at birth; fosters smooth transitions + sense of connectedness; energetically aligns us to our center, allows us to respond to whatever unfolds; coordinates birth team + facilitates cooperation; transformation 
    • Hellebore flower essence: calms fear, cultivates courage, helps mother to advocate for herself + ensure her voice is heard and wishes are met throughout birth process; fortifies one’s energy in midst of outside forces 
    • Madonna Lily flower essence: prepares mother + child for birth, bestows a sacred dimension to birth process


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