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Santosha Birth & Wellness is proud to offer high-quality flower essence blends created specifically for women, partners, and babies in the childbearing season and beyond. All of our essences are made in small batches with love, intention, and the very highest standards of care. All our products are organic and completely safe to use in the childbearing season and throughout all the seasons of our lives.

Introducing Flower Essences

The energetic and physical properties of plant materials have been used to benefit humans for our entire history on Earth. We’ve all had experiences with botanical healing agents in one form or another—perhaps we’ve used aloe to soothe a burn, enjoyed chamomile tea to relax at night, chewed ginger to ward off nausea, or taken an herbal supplement.  

Flowers, the reproductive part of a plant, capture the potent life force and creative potential of plants.  This energy is tremendously healing.

“The pristine clarity of a flower’s uplifting vibrations adjusts the tone of one’s thoughts and respondent feelings, bringing them back in harmony with the richness of one’s true nature.” -- James Green, Herbalist

Flower essences capture this healing energy of flowers.  Flower essences are made by solar infusion: fresh flowers are placed in a bowl of spring water and set in full sun, the healing properties of the flowers are drawn into the water (like a tea is made); this floral infusion is preserved (brandy is best), and administered to support deep healing.   

Whereas many plant preparations, such as tinctures from leaves and barks, work on the physical level, flower essences primarily act on the emotional, mental, energetic and deeper soul levels. By establishing wellbeing on these deeper levels, flower remedies can address the root causes of undesired physical conditions

The flower essence system of healing offers us a sophisticated and intricate language of the emotions and the soul, allowing us to home in on the specific lessons and life challenges we face and work through them to become more of who we want to be.  

History of Flower Essences

Flower essences have been used for centuries by indigenous cultures and extensively researched and documented in the West over the last 100 years. In the early 1900s, Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician, began his life’s work of studying the subtle energy and healing actions of flowers and developing a sophisticated system of deep healing using flower essences.  He believed that all physical disease is the product of our emotional and mental wellbeing.

“Health and disease are caused by how we think, how we feel within ourselves. Health and disease are the consolidation of mental attitude.” -- Edward Bach, flower essence master

This sentiment reverberates across the natural healing community, and many consider this the optimal model of wellness for today and the future.

The work of Dr. Bach has been further developed by other major organizations, researchers, academics, and healers throughout the world in the last century.  The Flower Essence Society, based in California, is an international organization with an estimated 50,000 active practitioners in approximately 50 countries.  FES promotes plant research and empirical clinical research on the therapeutic effects of flower essences as well as training and certifying flower essence practitioners.  

The Bach Centre in the UK trains flower essence practitioners in 40 different countries.  Cuba employs flower essence therapy in their national health care system.  Spain is home to SEDIBAC (the Catalonia Society for the Study and Diffusion of Dr. Bach's Therapy) and several schools dedicated exclusively to the study of Flower Essence Therapy.  Nicaragua has officially recognized Flower Essence Therapy.  National conferences are held in Mexico.  The list goes on. 

Are Flower Essences a Kind of Essential Oil? Or Tincture?

No. While they all fall under the broad umbrella of botanical remedies, flower essences are not essential oils or herbal tinctures.  Both herbal tinctures and essential oils are potent physical remedies, primarily acting on the physical body to affect the mental/emotional.  They are commonly used to treat physical symptoms.  

Flower essences are potent energetic remedies, primarily acting on the mental/emotional levels. They are used to help us feel more joyful, fulfilled, and connected to ourselves, others, and life.  They help us heal at deeper levels of our being. 

Flower essences do not have a scent or taste like essential oils and herbal tinctures do. 

Another major difference is that flower essences are considered completely safe for use in anyone-- including pregnant and breastfeeding women, newborns, the elderly, people with health conditions or those taking medications.

Read our comparison of flower essences to allopathic medicines, essential oils, herbal remedies, homeopathy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine here.   

What Are Flower Essences Used For?

Flower essences can support us in many ways. They can help when we are in a funk-- making us feel better and helping us process our emotions, whether we are feeling sad, angry, afraid, uncertain, alone, discouraged, or otherwise challenged.  They also work to support us through our major life lessons, those struggles that continually resurface in our work, relationships, parenting, and daily life.  Flower essences can help us recognize and release limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and hindering patterns in our lives, bringing us greater well-being and harmony within and in the world. They can also help us cultivate the perspectives, emotional states, and ways of being that nourish us and sustain our growth.

Because of the mind-body connection, transformations on the emotional and energetic levels often translate into physical healing. This is why many essences can help heal our physical bodies.

Our flower essence blends are specifically formulated to help women at different stages of the childbearing season, from trying to conceive all the way into motherhood and beyond. Each supports the release of blocks, scars, and negative patterns that hinder our happiness. They help us foster the positive states we seek.  We also offer remedies that can help people at all stages of life.  

While Santosha remedies are intended to address common issues and goals that arise in childbearing, motherhood, and humanhood, we all carry our unique life stories and challenges. We offer private consultations to address your specific concerns and wellness goals (personal support and custom remedies).  

What Happens During Flower Essence Therapy?

When we use flower essences, we resonate with the qualities of the flower(s) and things begin to shift. While it is not necessary to “believe in them” to experience positive effects, having a focused healing and wellness intention can amplify the effects.

Flower essences are not forceful or overpowering. They are very gentle and subtle, yet profound, in their effects. The essences create a shift in consciousness and our internal states. Individuals may experience the effects differently, depending on their level of self awareness, among other things.

Self-reflection, dream awareness, and observations from trusted family members and friends can illuminate the transformation effected by the flower essences.

Because flower essences work with powerful and sometimes deeply ingrained emotions, patterns and life issues, moving through these can be intense. For this reason, some people benefit from working with other professionals such as body workers, therapists and other wellness professionals to really support the change they seek.

Where Do Your Flower Essences Come From?

All of our flower essences are made in small batches with the utmost care and love. This matters because flower essences are energy medicine, and the skills, care and intention of the maker influence the quality of the flower essences. Some better-known flower essence companies mass produce their products, which may affect the quality of their line.

Julia Graves, a well-respected and internationally renowned certified flower essence maker, master herbalist, and naturopathic doctor from Europe prepares many of the flower essences in our remedies. She is the creator of the Lily Circle line of flower essences, author of The Language of Plants and The Lily Circle: Practical Guide and Repertory, and Santosha founder Jaime Fleres-Mizejewski’s teacher.

We also source our flower essences from the Flower Essence Services in Nevada City, California a highly reputable flower essence organization. All of their products are certified Biodynamic® and organic.  We also make our own flower essences in accordance with the highest standards of preparation.  

Flower essences are incredibly gentle and safe for consumption, making them a great choice for people of all ages and life stages (including pregnancy). The specific healing of the flower essences is directed toward the interface of body and soul. Because flower essences work on an energetic level, they do not carry the same risks as other herbal remedies (which act powerfully on the physical body and may not be suited for all people at all times). Flower essences can also be stored and retain their beneficial properties indefinitely.

Flower essences are most commonly taken orally, though they can be used on the body topically, or used in misters. Read our full explanation of how to take a flower essence remedy here.


 Please contact us with any additional questions you have about flower essences.