"Release" Flower Remedy Dropper

Release Flower Remedy


Ideal for mom and baby experiencing birth trauma, helping to process difficult emotions. Nurtures mom-baby bond, restores wholeness, fosters safety, dissolves energetic blocks.  Can be great for women who are processing more difficult or traumatic aspects of birth, after the birth, during a subsequent pregnancy, etc.  Also great for babies of any age who have experienced trauma through the birth process.  

The blend contains the following flower essences:

  • Orange Crocus: Helps mother and baby bond; especially useful if mom and baby were separated around the time of birth; helps mom and baby feel held, safe, nurtured and cradled
  • Star of Bethlehem: Helps process and clear trauma, shock and grief; establishes re-embodiment; dissolves energetic blocks and scars
  • Wild Red Tulip: Helps clear trauma in which either baby or mom feared or came close to death; assists in nurturing bonds after trauma; helps mom and baby feel held and safe
  • Madonna Lily: Restores a sense of wholeness in womb, helps us re-embody after physical trauma
  • Asian Lily: Helps release trauma that causes of a loss of joy and vitality in mom and baby; allows the heartbreak to yield tremendous growth

1/2 ounce bottle of flower essences preserved in spring water and brandy (dose strength).  

Take 4 drops orally 4 times a day or as needed through more difficult times (as often as every 10 minutes)