What are custom flower essences

Today, I want to share a little about a service we offer at Santosha Birth and Wellness, that I (Jaime) really enjoy.  I make custom flower essences for babies, children and adults and I have been so delighted with the changes these flower essences have made for the families I’ve been fortunate to serve.  All people should know that flower essences are an amazing resource available to them in times of need!

Flower essences are a specialized type of botanical medicine, a kind of remedy that really shines when it comes to working through our emotional and often most challenging life “opportunities.”  For example, flower essences are great for people who experience:

  • stress (and its myriad manifestations),
  • fear,
  • depression,
  • anxiety,
  • trouble in interpersonal relationships,
  • lingering issues from that past that are limiting them in the present,
  • as well as for those in the midst of change (and we all are to some degree, right?)

One of the things I love the most about flower essences is how safe and gentle they are.  Flower essences work with the body, mind and spirit to encourage rather than force positive change.  They are subtle, but incredibly profound, and can create real, deep and lasting change.

Working with Santosha to create a custom blend

So if you are feeling like you could use some support in your life, flower essences can often be a great facilitator of the change you seek.  It can be hard to know what to purchase at the store– as most flower essences are labeled by flower rather than purpose– so it can really help to work with someone who is trained with flower essences and understands what flower essences might be most appropriate given your healing goals.

This is where we come in!  When you contact us for a custom flower essence, we will talk in the manner most comfortable to you– maybe by email or phone, or even a Facebook message!  You would ideally describe in as much detail as possible what is going on for you (or your child).  I often will ask follow up questions to clarify and confirm my understanding of your situation.

Next, I work carefully with the flower essences, selecting 3 to 5 (or sometimes 6) that I think would work best for you given your situation.  In other cases, I may recommend that you use only one essence to start, to really work on the healing lessons offered by a particular flower.

Once selected, I prepare your essence and write up a list of the flower essences it contains, including a description of each one so you know what they are for.

Then I send you the flower essence and this information and you can begin taking it!  You can read more about ways to use flower essences here,

headersFlowerEssenceClient success stories

I’ve been so grateful to work with many families and individuals who’ve experienced remarkable benefits while taking their custom flower essence blend.

I’ve had adults who were experiencing physical symptoms of stress and anxiety report a cessation of their physical symptoms and a greater sense of peace while taking their remedy.  I’ve had others experience dramatic healing shifts as early as their first dose of a flower essence.

I must also say that nowhere have I seen a greater change than in the children I’ve had the great privilege to work with.  I’ve worked with infants, toddlers and kids.  In my experience, little ones respond exceptionally well to flower essences.  I’ve worked with kids who’ve had birth trauma, separation anxiety, social problems, sibling problems, tantrums, and other issues.  All the little ones I have worked with have benefited so greatly from their custom blend.

Working with Jaime was fantastic! She is professional and very intuitive. I came to her discussing anxiety issues in my daughter that may have stemmed from a traumatic birth. She suggested a custom blend of flower essences for her. After weeks of using the blend, my daughter seems to have become more independent and secure in her surroundings. A definite shift in her energy! A big bonus is the Santosha essences actually taste good and my daughter always asks for her “yummy tosha!.” I will be contacting Jaime again when we decide to have another child. — Heather

IMG_1329Ordering a custom blend

If you are ready to work with me to create a custom blend for you or a loved one, please contact me to get started.

  • You can email me at jaime.santosha@gmail.com.
  • You can contact me on Etsy
  • You can also message me on Facebook (feel free to “like” us while you are there!)
  • If you prefer, we can talk by phone after the initial conversation gets rolling.