Welcome…allow me to introduce myself…

Welcome to my little strand of the giant worldwide web.  I have created this blog in the hopes of illuminating my little light—a mix of personal and professional passions, my heart and my spirit—with the world.  Having spent the last decade or so as a writer and (recovering adjunct) university professor, I begin this blog as several seeds along my path, those which have long had roots, are beginning to emerge above ground, tender and delicate but strong and ready to show their amazing beauty to the world.  These new expressions of my being include:


At the time of this blog’s inception, I am a proud, tired, in-love, and humbled mama to 8-month-old Maia, the brightest star in my universe.


I am currently in the process of earning my doula certification, deep in the vast jungle of pregnancy and childbirth wisdom.  Who knew 8 months postpartum, I’d still be reading pregnancy books daily!  Yet, I am an enthusiastic little birth sponge, and with each step I take, I am more committed to and passionate about supporting women and babies through the transformational process of pregnancy, birth, and early mamahood.  It is a humbling and blessed calling.

I am also a certified placenta preparation specialist.  I offer therapeutic lily flower essences and essential oils as well.  Website showcasing this work, forthcoming.


With this blog’s inception, I am beginning a 230-hour yoga study program/teacher training at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis.  As a student of yoga for over 15 years, taking my practice to this next level is a long-held dream of mine.  I look forward to the growth and transformation this study will bring.  I look forward to sharing some jewels from my journey here along the way.

Natural healing and wellness apprentice:

natural healingSince my early 20s, I’ve been into natural health and wellness, but I feel I’ve been stepping up my game more and more each year.  I’ve been that “hippee” friend who mixes up special herbal remedies for friends or pulls out her natural health books to create a healing plan each time a loved one becomes ill.  Over the years, I have been the lucky recipient of numerous forms of natural and alternative care (acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, midwifery, hypnosis, flower essence therapy, body work, and medium work, and more) along my healing journeys.

Lately, I have been studying herbs, flower essences, essential oils and other forms of natural health and healing with more vigor.  I’ve studied with renowned herbal healers in person and through their shared works.  What I am discovering is just too good not to share. I am currently holding a vision of opening my own natural products business, offering a small selection of wonderful goodies for mamas and their families.  All in good time.


Okay, I’ve been a health food lover for over a decade, (after struggling with a much more difficult relationship with food in my teens and early 20s) and I’ve blogged over at www.mealsHeal.blogspot.com for years, but I am bringing that energy to this blog in the spirit of simplicity.  So be prepared for some tasty recipes, all personally tried and loved.

 Drummer/rhythm maker/creator:

IMG_1476I have just discovered drumming…as a rhythmically-challenged person, this is an incredibly humbling experience.  I also LOVE it.  More on this in upcoming blog posts.

Other aspects of myself that may find their way into this space:

  • I am an avid reader, mostly of non-fiction
  • I have a deep love for sunshine and the ocean
  • I am passionate about world travel
  • I have a dream of owning a retreat center someday with my husband
  • I feel most alive in the middle of a rainforest
  • One of my favorite things to do is walk (preferably outdoors, in the sun, with a friend)
  • I have been a writing professor for many years (and maybe lifetimes?)
  • I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a step mama


I am setting an intention to be brave with myself here.  To release fear of judgment and just be myself, unobscured.  I tend to be a little self conscious of showing my true self, so this is a practice in courage for me.

Thank you for being here.