Flower Essence Feature: Madonna Lily


Tap into your feminine nature, intuition, and the divine mother/goddess within

Flower Name: Madonna Lily (lilium candidum)

Color: White

We dwell in a culture that favors the masculine or yang energies of doing, outward achievement, action, productivity, reason, and independence—and we spend most of our lives bathed in this energy before becoming pregnant. There is nothing wrong with yang energy—it is beautiful and essential—yet many of us, men and women alike, are out of balance and out of touch with the more archetypal feminine ways of being in the world.

As we prepare to become mothers, we are invited to shift, to bring in more of the feminine or yin qualities of nurturing, surrendering, being, resting, receiving, going inward, trusting our intuition, and becoming interdependent. This can be a startling or uncomfortable shift for some, and a welcome way of being for others.

Madonna Lily overview

Madonna lily flower essence, as the name suggests, is about the archetypal feminine, the divine feminine energy and all that it conjures—mothering (or any form of nurturing and caretaking), intuition, spirituality, purity, and more. Madonna lily helps anyone cultivate these essential qualities of the archetypal feminine and divine mothering energies.

Madonna and Child Artist unknown

Madonna and Child
Artist unknown

Madonna Lily for Mamas

While it would be a hard pick, if I had to select just one flower essence for the childbearing season, Madonna Lily is one of my very top picks. Madonna Lily can assist with fertility, as it connects us to those aspects of us that need to awaken to prepare for the mothering journey and helps us overcome emotional blocks to conception. (It can also help us decide or confirm that our partner is the right person for us to have children with.) For women who are seeking a sacred experience of pregnancy and motherhood, Madonna provides excellent support.

Madonna lily can also help women who fear pregnancy or motherhood. Madonna can help to prepare mom and baby for birth and bestow a sacred dimension to the childbirth process

In general, it supports us through each stage of our journey into motherhood. It can also support and heal, if necessary, our connection to our own mothering.

Madonna Lily is incredibly healing to the female reproductive organs, and can be used to support any healing needed in this area at any time, including the days, weeks or months following childbirth, particularly with any pelvic trauma or surgery (including cesarean). 

Madonna and Child by Il Sassoferrato

Madonna and Child by Il Sassoferrato

Madonna Lily for Fathers and other caretakers

Madonna lily helps men connect with their feminine aspects (we all have both male and female energies—and our strength lies in cultivating a balance between them). For men becoming fathers, Madonna lily can help them access their more nurturing and gentler qualities, helping them become comfortable and confident in their new roles as fathers. 

Madonna Lily for Birth Mavens and other healers

Madonna Lily is great for anyone who serves in a nurturing or care taking role. This includes birth mavens—doulas, midwives, nurses, doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc. who are called to truly care for the women who have chosen such support as they journey through pregnancy and birth. Madonna supports the nurturing of others and energizes and restores the givers of such heart-felt care.

Madonna Lily for Abuse Survivors

Madonna lily is excellent for women or men who have survived (or perpetrated) sexual abuse, rape, or for anyone who feels sexually sullied or “dirty.” For people who connect with the “Madonna/Whore” dichotomy, this essence can also help them shift away from such a perspective. Madonna lily helps those with past negative sexual experiences heal and be cleansed of these negative associations. It also helps one to cultivate a connection to sexuality as spiritual and pure.

Individuals who have experienced any invasive medical procedures or exams relating to their reproductive organs can also benefit from Madonna Lily.

Madonna Lily for All of Us

creativityMadonna lily is great for anyone who feels disconnected from, or who wishes to connect more strongly with, their feminine side. Madonna helps us access our intuition and our creativity, helping us to connect to our higher selves and to receive creative ideas and visions.

People who have not had a positive experience with their own mothers may find healing by working with Madonna Lily. Parents who experience a resurfacing of thoughts, feelings, and reactions related to how they were mothered can benefit from Madonna as well.

Madonna lily can open us up to our spiritual path or take us to the next level in our spiritual journeys. Madonna lily can be great for yoga and meditation. This essence can help foster spiritual awakening. It helps connect us to our divine guidance and protection.

Madonna lily can also be helpful for individuals who disrespect the feminine or women in general.

Madonna can help us cultivate a healthier sexuality and have a greater capacity for intimacy.

dogs in shelterMadonna Lily for Animals 

Madonna Lily can be great for animals that were separated from their mothers too soon. It can also help those who are lacking motherly instincts upon becoming a mother. Madonna is indicated for animals, especially cats, who are in or from a shelter. 

Madonna Lily and the energetic body

  • Opens and cleanses the entire energetic field
  • Crown chakra (7th)
  • Heart chakra (4th)
  • Womb chakra (2nd)
  • Connects heart and womb energetically
  • Connects the reproductive energies with our higher energies, especially in those who are energetically cut off from the waist down.

Madonna Lily in bodywork

Madonna Lily can be especially useful on the second (low belly) and fourth (chest and mid-back) chakras to heal the pelvic space and heart center. You can also mist it over a client or in a room for purification.

How to use

You can use Madonna orally as drops under the tongue or in a small glass of water. You can also add it to lotion and apply it to the low belly to heal the reproductive organs. It can be used as a sitz bath or in a room mister for cleansing, purifying, and other desired effects.

Santosha Blends that include this essence:

  • FertiLily: for conception and fertility support
  • Mama Bliss: for blissful pregnancy and motherhood
  • BIRTHday: for smooth labor and delivery
  • Restore: for postpartum pelvic health
  • Release: for processing birth trauma

Madonna lily is also available in custom blends or as a single essence. Please contact us for more information.