Creative Visualization Exercise for Fertility

“The secret of achievement is to hold a picture of the successful outcome in mind” –Henry David Thoreau

woman-moonLast month, during one of my yoga for fertility classes, I used the following prompt during a guided meditation.  Too often we underestimate the power of our minds to help shape our realities.  Creative visualization can harness the creative power of our thoughts to help create the desired outcome of pregnancy when conception is a challenge.

Shakti Gawain, author of the book Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life writes: “Imagination is the ability to create an idea, a mental picture, or a feeling sense of something.  In creative visualization you use your imagination to create a clear image, idea, or feeling of something you wish to manifest.  Then you continue to focus on the idea, feeling, or picture regularly, giving it positive energy until it becomes an objective reality…in other words, until you actually achieve what you have been imagining.”

If you are working toward conception and you want to use this tool, you might record yourself reading the following script and play it back to yourself regularly.  If you are working with families challenging by fertility, as a fertility yoga teacher or other health professional, you may also utilize this tool.  Feel free to modify the language in a way that feels most comfortable to you.

Introduction to Creative Visualization for Fertility

Now I’d like to guide you through a creative visualization exercise. This exercise is more than an encouragement to think positively about fertility, it is a tool that helps you harness the power of your imagination and your innate ability to help shape your own reality.

When we struggle with fertility, it is easy—and almost natural—to get caught in strong feelings of desire, feelings of lack, and feelings of something being wrong. While this is a natural reaction to this challenging experience, we are also reinforcing for ourselves this reality of not having, of not being enough, of ….you fill in the blank.

This creative visualization is about imagining and feeling as if you already have that which you greatly desire. It has been proven through hundreds of studies that the brain and body cannot tell the difference between something we vividly imagine and something that has actually happening. Our bodies respond to our thoughts and our mental images. Creative visualization can actually change our chemistry, the actual functioning of our bodies. It is powerful medicine. So why not harness the great power of our minds to positively impact our fertility.

In the following meditation, I invite you to make your deepest desires a reality in your mind. Give yourself full permission to release the recurring beliefs about fertility that are not serving you. I invite you to FEEL, to really feel what it is like to be fertile and what it is like to become pregnant and welcome a child through your own body. When you feel any sense of lack or loss coming up, just let it pass and focus on the imagery you are creating. You have the power to create your own fertility and you have the power to affect your reality.

If at any time during this visualization, I say something that doesn’t feel true for you, or something that doesn’t fit into the imagery you are creating in your mind, please feel free to tune me out and follow your own creative desires. You are the master of this visualization, I am merely a guide. You are a powerful creator of your own reality. What you think and dream matter.

And we begin.

The Creative Visualization Meditation

Imagine the experience in which you conceive your child. You have full permission to create your absolute ideal experience. This is happening for you right now in this moment. You get to create this. Take a deep breath.

Where are you? Is it night or day? What season is it? What sounds do you hear? Outside? Inside the room you are in? Feel the way your skin feels. Are there any smells? What do you see around you?

How does it feel to be in this moment? Let your feelings get bigger and stronger. You are connected, safe, loved, whole. You are unburdened, creative, joyful. Feel how it feels to be in this moment, connected, whole. Feel what it feels like to call in the life of your child. Feel deep in your bones what it is like to know this call has been answered.

A few weeks pass. You come to the day where you discover or get confirmation that you are pregnant. Imagine that you have just taken a pregnancy test and you are waiting for the results. Where are you? Imagine the room you are in with as much detail as possible. Is there a window? What color is this room? What is on the floor? What colors do you see? What sounds do you hear? Is anyone with you or are you alone? What are you wearing?

Feel what this moment of waiting is like for you. Maybe you’ve had moments like this before. Maybe you feel that anxious, impatient, excited anticipation. Feel your heart beating. Take a deep breath.

It is now time to see the results. Take a deep breath. You are fully held and supported right now. You look down at the results. See the test strip. See the lines that mean you are pregnant. You have just gotten confirmation that you are pregnant. How do you feel? Allow these feelings to come in. You are safe to feel these feelings, whatever they are. Maybe you are in shock, immediately full of joy, maybe in disbelief. Whatever you feel, feel that completely.

What is the next thing you do? Do you stay where you are? Do you say anything? Do you feel compelled to share this news immediately or do you want to sit with it for a while? When you are ready to share, whom do you want to share your news with first?

Imagine that first time you tell someone about your pregnancy. Whom are you telling? Where are you as you share your story? Are you inside? Outside? Is it day or night? Is there anyone else there or just you and this special person? What are you wearing? What are they wearing? What are the words you choose to say? Watch yourself saying these words to this person. Watch their reaction, see their face. Do they reach out to touch you? What emotions do they display?

How does it feel to tell this person? What are you feeling in this moment? Its okay to feel many things at once. Just notice each emotion and feel it strongly. How does the rest of this scene unfold? What happens next? Follow it through until its end.

Months go by and your pregnancy is strong. You are many months into your pregnancy and both you and baby are doing great. It is a strong pregnancy. You have just come home from a long day and you are ready to take a bath. You draw the bath and add your favorite bath product. What does this smell like? Smell this smell. You step your leg into the tub, feel the warmth of the water on your leg. As you get in completely, feel the warm water holding you, holding you and your baby.

As you get comfortable, look down at your belly. It is round with pregnancy. The skin is soft but stretched. Your belly button protrudes slightly and you can see tiny veins in your soft stretched skin. Place your hands on your belly and feel the warmth of your skin. What do you feel in this quiet moment as you connect to the baby inside of you. As you lovingly hold your belly, imagine that the baby kicks into your left hand. Feel that kick from the inside and the outside. You smile and give a gentle poke back. Baby kicks again, this time in a slightly different spot. You giggle. This is something only you and this child can do together. You feel a deep connection to your child and you feel the joy and anticipation in meeting them soon. Feel what you feel here. Allow yourself to take in this scene completely.

Now allow yourself to enter the space in which you birth your child. Imagine the room where are have chosen to give birth. Allow this place to be somewhere you feel absolutely safe and secure. Where are you? Is it day or night? Imagine this room darkened. Maybe there is candlelight. Look around this space. What do you see? What is on the floor? The walls? What sounds do you hear? Are there any smells?

Where are you? Are you sitting? Standing? Lying down? Are you still or are you moving? Are you in a blanket? Clothes? Are you naked?

Who is with you? Imagine that everyone in this room cares for you deeply. You have complete trust everyone here. Touch the hand of the person who is supporting you in your labor. Feel their soft touch, see their face. Look into their eyes for a moment. See their smile. They are telling you how beautiful you are. How well you are birthing this baby.

How are you feeling in this moment? Fully feel how it feels to be in this moment.

Now come to the time moments after baby leaves your womb and enters the world. You hear baby’s cry. You see their face for the very first time. What do you notice right now? Take everything in. You just gave birth. It is an absolute miracle. You are handed your baby. Baby is now in your arms. Feel baby’s skin on your own skin. Feel their warmth. Smell the top of your baby’s head. What does it smell like? Look at baby’s face. Their soft perfect features. What do you notice? Does baby have hair? Is it long or short? Thick or fine? What color it is? Look at the shape of baby’s nose. This soft beautiful feature. What shape is it? Does it resemble anyone else’s nose? Maybe yours or dads? See their eyelashes. The shape of their eyes. The curves in their tiny ears. Hold baby’s hand in your own. See how tiny it is. How soft their wrinkly fresh skin is. See their little fingernails. Place their hand on your heart. You’ve been waiting so long for this moment and it is finally here. Your baby is here.

How are you feeling? What is this experience like for you? Allow yourself to feel everything.

Follow this experience until it is complete.

Now fast forward to something you want to share with this child. It could be the next day or it may be years from now. Maybe you are dressing your child for school. Reading a book together. Playing a game. Taking a walk outdoors. Sharing a meal. Jumping in mud puddles. Snuggling in bed. Whatever you imagine, make it yours and make it real. Allow this scene to come alive.

Where are you? What season is it? Are you inside or outside? Is it day or night? What sounds do you hear nearby? In the distance? What are you wearing? What is your child wearing? Is anyone else there? Watch and experience this scene vividly in your mind. Notice all the details.

How are you feeling in this moment?   Allow yourself to feel it fully and make it real.

Follow this scene closely until it comes to an end.

At this point is there anything else your mind wants to show you? Take a few moments to just see what arises.

Feel the gratitude you have for every moment that has brought you to this one. Each one of them has led you here.

As we bring this visualization to an end, select one strong image from this experience that you can take with you. Link it to the sensory experience and the feelings you were feeling.

I invite you to return to this image often in the coming days, weeks and months. Know that what you envisioned is absolutely 100% possible for you. You can absolutely experience all of this and more.

I invite you to take 3 deep slow breaths. Add a sigh if that feels good.

Begin to slowly come back to this room. Wiggle toes, wiggle fingers. When you are ready flutter your eyes open.