Better than Chocolate Milk Superfood drink

chocolatemilkYum.  I just made this and its too good not to share.  I haven’t posted a food recipe on this blog yet, but I used to have a health food blog (over at  Seems like a good time to start.

This recipe came out of nowhere. Or maybe heaven.  Delicious and FULL of vitamins and minerals!  Dairy free and gluten free.

Add all of these ingredients to a blender and mix well.  Feel free to modify as you like based on preference and what you have on hand.  Enjoy.

1T maca powder

1T almond butter

1T cacao powder

1/2T chia seeds

1/2T hemp seeds

1 date

1/2 banana

1 Cardamom pod (peeled of its shell, the inside should be black)

Coconut water (I didn’t measure, I’d guess about a cup or so?)

Let me know what you think!